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CLOU the
Park & Ride Bike

CLOU for a

CLOU for Yachting

CLOU for a Plane

CLOU for the Young & Old

The Exclusive Bike

CLOU the
Fun Bike

Folding Instructions:

The patented folding mechanism makes it really easy to
fold "clou" within only 2 seconds.
There is no need for any tools or removal of any parts from the bike.

"Clou" remains complete - it just becomes much smaller.

You only need to press the lever (1) while lifting up the seat
simultaneously until the lever is locked again.
"Clou" is now folded and after pushing in the lower telescope
you can sit on it again.

With the upper telescope (2) you can adjust your individual height
of the seat, while the lower one (3) equalizes the lifting
of the folding procedure.